We’re Back at the Table September 10th

I hope you’ve had a nice summer and managed to get some time off. Your Bargaining Committee is getting ready to resume bargaining. We are back at the table September 10 to 14 and hope to conclude an agreement. We met with the Employer on April 3-5 and July 10-13 and, although we had good discussions, there is still work to be done, particularly on the monetary issues.

Indexing our pension plan is a top priority (although not the only one!). To help members better understand our pension plan, we are working on a video series with the help of the JBT Union Chair, Brian Edgecombe and Comms Officer, David Robbins.

  • Click here to watch a preview.
We will send bargaining updates at the end of every day so stay tuned and be prepared to support your Bargaining Committee if we reach an impasse.

In solidarity,
Sylvia Sioufi